Speyfruit are a stockist for Surgital .

Surgital are an Award Winning deep frozen, fresh pasta manufacturing company based near Bologna in Northern Italy. Surgital are located in the region of Emilia Romagna which is considered the food cradle of Italy & they produce their Fresh Pasta in line with the age old traditions of their region.

As you see below we carry a wide range of frozen pasta,

Just give us a call if you are interested in any of the pasta products below.

Bartolacci squacquerone e piadina

(fried pasta) – S106

Egg tagliatelle

long ribbon pasta – E04


(with porcini mushrooms) – C29

Rustic Egg Pappardelle

long ribbon pasta with a coarse texture – E19


(with porcini mushrooms) – C15

Specialita al nero seppia (taglioline)

long pasta with squid ink – E07

Tortelli Crostacei

ravioli with crab,prawn & lobster – C26


with tomato & mozzarella cheese filling – F50

The emphasis is on using top quality ingredients combined with traditional artisan production techniques & we only use suppliers that work conforming to the ethics & standards we respect & maintain ourselves.
We then preserve our products using a method of deep freezing
which guarantees that every individual piece of pasta has every ounce of flavour locked inside keeping it as fresh as the moment it was produced.
Many of our ingredients are DOP status (Designated Origin Protected), we take great care with
our fillings & we use a high percentage of eggs in our pasta dough.
The end result is perfect pasta from freezer to plate in under 5 minutes!