Specialised Fresh-Cut Range

Here at Speyfruit we specialise in a wide range of fresh-cut produce for a variety of customers throughout Scotland..

Below is a selection of some of our specialised cuts we can produce here at our processing facility in Elgin.

Fresh Lemon Full Slices
Fresh Lemon Wedges - 1/8ths
Fresh Lemon Half Moon Slices
Fresh Lemon Wedges - 1/6ths
Fresh Lemon Quarter Cut Slices
Fresh Lemon Wedges - Quarters
Fresh Lemon Peel
Fresh Diced Lemons
Fresh Sliced Red Peppers
Fresh Diced Red Peppers
Fresh Half-Cut Sliced Red Peppers
Fresh Diced Mixed Peppers
speyfruit online fruit and veg moray
Fresh Sliced Red Chillies
Fresh Red Chilli Julienne
Fresh Diced Courgettes
Fresh Courgettes Round Sliced
speyfruit online fruit and veg moray
Fresh Courgette Long Slice
Fresh Courgette Julienne
Fresh Full Length Gherkin Quarters
Fresh Full Length 6mm Gherkin Slices
Fresh 6mm Round Sliced Gherkins
Fresh 12mm Round Sliced Gherkins
Various Cuts
Fresh Diced Apples
Fresh Grated Bramley Apples
Fresh Sliced Clementines
Fresh Spiralized Courgettes