Welcome to Speyfruit Ltd.

At Speyfruit we source and process the highest quality of fruit and vegetables.

We work hand in hand with chefs from a wide range of organisations from the local catering trade to schools, hospitals and factory outlets.

Speyfruit use their wide range of specialised machinery to produce products to the exact requirement and cut size required by each client.

Our state of the art onion peeling line can produce up to 20 tonnes a day.. we can supply the onions whole peeled, sliced or diced onions subject to customer requirements.

Our Mission

To supply fresh prepared and processed fruit and vegetables at a competitive price to various outlets including:

ian_onionguyAll major food manufacturers
Health Boards
Local Authorities
Quality Hotels and Restaurants
Shops and Retail Outlets

Our success to date has been dependant upon our strict adherence to ensuring that our produce and delivery matches exactly customer expectation and this has been achieved through constant liaison with chefs and buyers


Speyfruit Ltd are delighted to have maintained BRCGS (Global Standard for Food Safety) Accreditation since 2008.  These standards are widely recognised to represent the benchmark for best practice, where many manufacturers are evaluated worldwide.

We are also a member of SEDEX (Social & Ethical Data Exchange) where we share data on the responsible practices of our business with our customers.

Our staff are in receipt of regular training in current Food Safety & Hygiene processes and our staff are key to our success in a rapidly developing and competitive market.