Cold Storage Facility

This latest addition to our portfolio was opened in 2010 and has the capacity of storing 1200 pallets of frozen goods at -22 degrees.

This facility was identified in early years as a beneficial addition to our business and many existing customers have taken advantage of this and has ensured continued profitable growth for the company.

We have a number of customers using our Cold store facilities now both locally and internationally for short and long term storage.

Within our Cold store facility we can offer a order picking and delivery service which is ideal for smaller companies that don’t have the freezer space to hold larger quantities, this gives the customer the chance to buy their products in bulk at cheaper prices and call off as required.

As we have our own frozen and chilled transport here at Speyfruit we can offer this service also in conjunction with the use of our Cold store facility.

For further information on our Cold Store facility and how we can assist you with cold storage and transport needs please do not hesitate to get contact with our team on 01343 547733.